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Our Company History

Incorporated in 1993, PEGASUS International Resources, Inc. is a privately owned entity. The company has since entered into the emerging markets of China to explore business opportunities while concentrating its core businesses in the international aviation industry. Today, the company has become a leader in providing aviation services to China.

Beginning its operations in providing flight training services, PEGASUS has expanded its operations to include career pilot development, equipment leasing and crew leasing. In 2000, the company added to its business aircraft maintenance, components repair, and aviation consulting. Today, PEGASUS has become the largest single provider of pilots to China with its ab initio training and flight training services.

Acting as partner and exclusive representative of major U.S., European, and Chinese airlines over the past fifteen years, PEGASUS has progressed into a highly qualified and reputable organization within the international aviation scene. At PEGASUS, we are proud of our many achievements:
  • Successful representation and partnerships with major airlines in the U.S., Europe and China by providing expert consulting, marketing and sales.
  • A leader in providing flight services to China, with a majority market share in aviation training
  • Dedication to our airline partners and customers
  • Business relationships with every airline in China and established networks within the aviation industry
At PEGASUS we strongly believe in the creation of close working relationships with both our airline partners and customers to produce synergic solutions. Firmly established within the Chinese aviation industry, PEGASUS is dedicated to providing superior service and continues to seek, evaluate, and develop new business ventures.

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